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Will Shields FAST

Will Shields Fitness And Sports Training

Fields and Courts Complex
In 2007 Dales was purchased by Inside Sports group.  We changed the name to 68’s Inside Sports Fitness and Sports Training using Will’s NFL football jersey number and Name. The facility is now geared toward family training complex, with upgraded equipment, added chiropractic care, physical therapy,  indoor training fields batting cages and 3 weight rooms.

Will To Succeed Foundation

Will to Succeed Foundation built by Senia and Will Shields that seeks to guide & inspire, empower & improve the lives of those less fortunate by providing financial, educational and other everyday resources to those identified as most in need.
Bow Down or Compete! Training and Recruiting program

Bdoc Sports has everything you need to help you and
your athlete earn a college scholarship. With a clear
academic and athletic path through the recruiting process..